• Blockchain as a creative tool for artists.
  • Blockchain for the art industry.
  • Crowdfunding of projects or artists through Blockhain.

Existing and potential use cases will be discussed in depth. The aim is to define a few projects together with the start students and support them over the scope of the next few months to implement their Blockchain & Art projects. The workshop will be led by Mick Haldband, Shermin Voshmgir aka & kriskind member of art collektive autodiktat and Connor Caraluzzi.

When? On June 13 2017, at 14h
Where? Udk

For more info on Blockchain & Art follow have a look at smArtchain. | KRIS KIND WEB | KAMIKATSE WEB

blockchainhub & Arge Kunst @ smArtchain @ Universität der Künste Berlin